Wednesday, October 29, 2008


19 Things about me:

1. my great grandmother was a gypsy..

2. my favorite color is red..

3. i wish i had an old yellow Victorian house by the ocean with turquoise colored walls..

4. i think too much..

5. i am a secret nerd who loves comic books :)

6. i collect broken hearts...miniature ones

7. when i was little i kept a secret diary full of stories that i wrote.. and i would read them when i was sad

8. i like to clean on sunny days and ride around when it is rainy

9. i love quotes and have notebooks full of them

10. simple things make me happy..i am the kind of girl who hold the world in a paper cup {like the song} danny's song

love me and i bring you luck...LoL

11. i always carry a lucky stone in my pocket, and sometimes feel tempted to throw it at mean people..he he

12. everywhere i go i look for butterfly wings on the ground and usually find some.. {weird huh?}

13. i collect cool sticks and have the coolest ones in an antique green vase..

14. i love to make miniature things...

15. i can always guess a person's correct age, don't ask me to do it!

16. i had a dream once that i was angelina joley's body guard, and i beat her up!

17. i won a bubble blowing contest once..for real

18. i always fight for the underdog..

19. i have dreams so big they make my heart hurt..

Tell me something about you...

xoxo nita

This is one of my very favorite songs, it brings me comfort...i hope it will comfort you.


Annette said...

no wonder I enjoy you, your just an amazing kinding of gal, the kind I love, 16 made me laugh out loud, and you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! Just LOVE YOUR EYES!!

Love to you always

Jeanne said...

Beautiful self portrait. I've never found butterfly wings on the ground, guess I have to open my eyes better. I love to collect quotes as well. RYC: I'll have to try to get over to the cemetary where E.D. is buried and get some shots there.

A bird in the hand said...

And you're beautiful, too. It's in your eyes, the windows of the soul. You know what I see in your eyes. But one day they will sparkle and be happy again. Love and xoxo

The Feathered Nest said...

Nita! you are so beautiful ~ what a gorgeous self-portrait....I love reading these things about you ~ you're a precious girl! xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

I like number 11! I also carry lucky stones:-)

Hi Nita. Thankyou for your lovely words are my blog.

Donna said...

Great picture sweetie!!! Love that hat!!! And such beautiful, expressive eyes!! Happy night sugar!!!hughugs

kimberly said...

oh love the portrait, nita...and love the special things that make you YOU!....

"the dance of the sugar plum faeries was my favorite song as a little girl!"

pchickki said...

I love hollyhock flowers but I am so allergic to them I break out into one huge hive!

You are a very interesting and fun person Nita.
God Bless You