Friday, November 21, 2008

Romeo and Juliet song...

This is a new song by Taylor Swift called Romeo and Juliet.
So very beautiful..Reminds me of my John. We first met when I was 15 years old and he was 17..He is the only man that I remember meeting where I remember every moment of that meeting. The clothes he had on, the way his hair looked. His smile..

He was so very beautiful. So extraordinary. No love is ever perfect we went through so many trials. Most of them were from his family and demons that he fought. But I am so very happy that he was a part of my life. He gave me something no one ever gave me before, true love.

Hope you get a chance to listen to the song.

xoxo Nita


A bird in the hand said...

I remember that first time in detail too! And a relationship without trials is not a true one; it is real and true when you survive the trials and still love each other.
Thinking of you xoxoxox

Sally said...

Oh Nita, I remember the smell of a black leather jacket, and dancing at Teen Town. We were both 14; the marriage that followed didn't last, but the memories do. I'm glad you had a great love in your life, I truly am. ((HUGS))

Annette said...

I went to school with my husband and thought he was "Weird" still do allot of the time, and I don't mean that in a mean way...but as years past we met up again, I can remember our first dance, and our first date was at "Taco Bell" that's where I wanted to go, and the rest is history... I love it when people remember things about their love's in there life. I LOVE to hear about my mom & dad, how he asked her to marry him, he smoke cigars and you know the little paper ring around them? he gave that to my mom and said "Joyce, please marry me" and I now have that paper ring!! Love is a sweet thing when its a true one!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of something that meant so much to you!

Anonymous said...

That really is a great song. I love the lyrics.

Joni said...

you are a lucky lady Nita...some people spend a lifetime and never know that kind of love.

Donna said...

Wonderful sweetie! And here's hoping for a Beautiful Thanksgiving for you!!!!hughughugs

pchickki said...

Very beautiful Nita. You and John had a Cinderella sweet.

I remember my first love at age 15. He was so handsome and yes I too remember what he had on and where I met him and etc. He died in a freak accident at age 18. I still think of him at times. He was a big part of my teenage years.

Love the song!

pchickki said...

Did you make this pretty lamp shade?
Glad you are feeling better each day Nita. You certainly have had your share of stress the past 2 years.

I think of you often.
Have a glorious Sunday

God Bless You

Anonymous said...

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